My Birth

Published in Fou

Now I know that when I was born
I was a strange delivery. The doctor
Wasn't in the room with me. Mother
Was away on hush-hush, but she left
Her voice in an amp embedded
In the lime wall. The staff was behind
Mirrored glass but I didn't know
I could be seen, so I swallowed
A camel while straining for a gnat.
Mother said: "Time and tide wait
For no man, even if he's sea pea."
The doctor used robotic arms
To tousle my umbilical cord while
His robotic teeth bit me free
From my host, who resembled a fine
Kansas City T-bone. Mother said:
"You're the broom against my doorsill."
I cried when suddenly I realized
I wouldn't be free to cry ever again.

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