Odysseus in the Underworld

Published in The Raleigh Quarterly

I'm under a Tivo of last night's game
When the doorbell rings.  Guess who.  Before
I can say don't tell me O tells me who
Wins and how they'll lose.  His perm slithers.
He uses my favorite coffee mug for his
Tobacco juice.  Finally, he asks: Will I ever
See my home again?  My wife?  My son?
Argos?  He was just a puppy when I left.
This is his shtick.   Each day the same un-
Funny joke.  Sure, I say, stay away from
Cheeseburgers and lipper and I'm sure
They'll take you back.  We drink a few beers
And I hide my shit each time O brays,
'You're not gonna believe this next hit."

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