The American Flag

Published in Horizon Review

At my office I notice
The new receptionist.
And I notice
The new receptionist
Has hung a Jasper Johns print
(Or is it a serigraph?)
(Or is it hanged)
The international signal
For dumbass.
I am the vice-president
In charge of in-charge-ofs.
I notice one of my young
One of my young charges
Is wearing a paisley shirt
With a plaid tie
And I sigh, audibly.
And wonder, aloudly,
"Is it that time of the decade, already?"
Somewhere the next Bob Dylan
Downloads the next Bob Dylan.
And then I notice
That the new receptionist
(At my office)
Has filled the bonbonnire
With Valrhona cocoa nibs
And all is forgiven.
All is forgotten.
(Is there a difference?)
(Or is it a screenprint?)
(Is there a difference?)

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