Earthling Talk Talk

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The code-name for chisel is scribble baby, scribble
The pseudonym for flower is coalescing opus

The cipher for grass is presume to fizz, fizz to presume
The pet name for ocean is probability splits

The image for cloud is scuttling red maw
The cognomen for leaf is snitch mechanism

The mark for eye is particulate insemination
The moniker for airplane is smudge-head manifest

The anonym for pencil is six little moons
The nom de guerre for songbird is Archie

The soubriquet for summer is ah I say ah-ah
The dub for Venus is unscriptured ministry

The nickname for typewriter is stun the night watchman
The figure for apple is space shot to papa

The stage name for spoon is cricket-in-the-pew
The cryptonym for cat is sonata needling

The symbol for iceberg is rubescent scalawag
The trait for Australia is your tongue here

The street name for skyscraper is nocturne seepage
The label for art is Boolean cocktails at dawn

The handle for Orpheus is thrill-o-vision
The icon for sponge is delphiniums among us

The appellation for stone is transluminant fido
The nom de plume for snow is hastening the eardrum

The pictogram for pistol is Edna St. Vincent Millay
The pen name for subway is book up book lung

The alias for black hole is starved darkness
The epithet for bicycle is and every yard a new spider

The character for shoe is run dog run
The false name for bread is burning tears, eh?

The AKA for tree is hoodoo redoubt
The tag for Antwerp is here be considerable sparrow

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