Published in Konundrum Engine Literary Review

A curtain of hazy attitude

colors the axis, heavy breathers appear,

sweaters and leaves demand coloratura,  

the hourglass men arrive to change

your sand, which reminds me, I promised

myself a new pair of yellow galoshes

from Central Square where the redressed

windows make of us what they can

before the contractually obligated snow

is delivered by the moving vans

that seem to grow like dandelions

this time of year.  This time of year?

Do I smell a parade?  Already the yearning

to keep my own counsel and steal

my neighbor's newspaper and stain

their door with the last tomatoes.

So-before I ossify

let's walk.  Let's sally.  Isn't that why

we made a home-to have a place

to leave?  Let's paint this town gray.

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